Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey! THRIVE as an artist. Do you hear me? THRIVE!!!

Want some advice from an art school drop out? You've come to the right place. I'm Rubyfruit. I am a feminist woman who is not going to get ripped off again!!! I tap all the resources I can to help you find cool art tools to help you be successful as artists. I try to find the bargains and I give you the scoop on all of it. If I find out someone is out there ripping off artists, I am going to TELL you about it, baby. I have whole files of this info, but I'm just getting started with this, so give me time and keep coming back. I have uploaded a handful of them. Check the archive over to the right and click on a topic of interest to you. There are things like how to sell your art on the internet resources and a whole course about how to put your talent to work to support yourself as an artist. I've got cheap sources so you can buy your art supplies in bulk and not have to spend through the ta-ta. I have it all, baby, and I'm getting more. These are some things that you buy, and some things that are fee, but they're all good or I wouldn't put them up here. Today's feature is an affordable course on how to market your art, and I'm posting this here because other artists that I know can only tell me a little bit here and a little bit there. This is how to get out there and get a NAME online, baby.......how to SHINE!!

The is a WHOLE marketing course for artists. A to Zed. Everything you need to know. I'm going to buy it. If you want to, click HERE.

Your Rubyfruit,
tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is.