Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting contest - $10,000 in prizes!

I am a fan of the Jerry's Artarama art supply store online. Every week, they run some kind of big sale and they are true to their word! Quality products, shipped fast and packaged well, all at great bargain prices. Right now, they are running a painting contest over there worth $10G! PLUS you get to be on the cover of one of their catalogs....if you win, that is.

Go for it women! Get it. Ooof Ooof Ooof!

Friday, May 8, 2009

HUGE art supply sale!!!!!

This just in. Jerry's Artarama is having a HUGE GIGANTIC art supply sale!!! Canvas, paint, all of it.

Check it! HERE

Your darling Rubyfruit

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Cheap Oil Painting Lessons

Hey Sistawimmin!

Need some how-tos on painting? This dude has complete lessons in the form of downloadable flash movies for only $9 each. Download what you need and leave the rest.

Click HERE for the information.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to find Art Festivals and Craft Faires to sell your wares.

These guys have an international calender that features art festivals and craft fairs all over the place. Be in line first to set up your booth and get your art out there!

Click HERE to find out all about it. It is a subscription thing that is around $14 for three months. Worth it if you are serious about working the fair circuit where a LOT of the money is.

Love ya,
Tellin' it like it is, baby. Tellin' it like it is.

P.S. Go though the archives to find more awesome art buys and things to avoid. Rubyfruit doesn't like her sisters getting ripped off.

Another product to AVOID!!!

Art supplies are expensive enough without buying things that suck. Right? Mary Olsen of Sparta, NJ writes, "I will never buy Plaaco Brand products again! I paid almost $40 for a set of their multi-colored watercolor pencils. When I went to sharpen them, the "lead" (or whatever you call it) was very thin and loose in the wooden casing and would break off in the sharpener. Worthless crap! "

So you heard it here first, girlfriends. Avoid Plaaco Brand, or rather BOYCOT it, especially the watercolor pencils. I won't have my sisters being ripped off!!!

Love ya,
Tellin' it like it is, baby. Tellin' it like it is.

Learn to Paint and Draw and See and Be Cool

Ok, say you have never been able to draw anything that you wouldn't be ashamed to show off in person but you really, really want to be an artist. You have two choices. You can do what I did and pay $5000 to learn these skills at a sucky art school that is the equivalent of throwing your money down the toilet or you can pay these guys something like $37 and get lessons that take you all the way from beginning to professional level. This covers painting, drawing, ways of seeing. Very cool stuff and totally worth it, if you ask me.

Click HERE for the info.

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Never set foot outside again.

Stay home all day every day if you want to. These guys have come up with this catalog. It costs $25, but it gives you full instructions for making art and handwork that can bring in up to $5K a month. That is a lot of money and if you make that much, you might just want to finally step out and go get yourself something cool like a pet penguin or a talking avocado! or ART SUPPLIES!!!

Click HERE for the scoop.

WARNING! Avoid Vincent Arnold Metallics!

This just in - A reliable source writes that artists should beware of using Vincent Arnold metallic paints. My friend writes, "After two weeks, the paint started to fade and a week later it chipped and cracked. We tested every color because we had purchased the 24 color kit."

So there you have it, children. No Vincent Arnold Metallics. There are plenty of other paints out there that will hold up better. I know of a few brands, but if you want to send me your suggestions from your personal experience, I will post the results here.

Very truly yours,

Tellin' it like it is, baby. Tellin' it like it is.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

20 Ways to Boost Your Art Career

This is a recommendation by my friend, Samantha, who used this stuff to build up her art career from scratch. Sometimes, there is no better advice than that you can get from someone who has traveled those rocky roads to becoming an artist. So I ran across these highly detailed reports written by an internationally known artist by the name of Carolyn Quan. She has written these reports that are very inexpensive, most under $5 bucks. They consist of lessons and tutorials for aspiring fine artists. Quan is uber successful. Her work is collected all over the world and she has like twenty years experience or something, so she knows what she is talking about. She has set up successful art businesses in Toronto, New York City, Maui And Honolulu, Hawaii and now shares her knowledge for very little money, to anyone who wants to learn how to do it.

Click HERE to find out the details.

Yeah, and once you look at her stuff, go back to the post before this one and find out what Ms. Suzi Blu can do for you. She takes a fresh approach to art and makes it accessible to all. Then, when you finish there, go back through the archives because I'm always finding good stuff to help artists. I have listed a lot of it with more to come!


Tellin' it like it is, baby. Tellin' it like it is.

SUZI BLU a woman and not a rip off!


I have already posted about CD's and things you can buy on the cheap if you want a solid arts education for under a hundred bucks. Now, I 'm here to tell you about other classes with a more personal touch.

Suzi Blu!!!

This woman is a doll AND she teaches you how to MAKE dolls, well, mixed media dolls and beautiful paintings and to feel good and worthy and loved. AND she does a lot of stuff gratis, just because she is a woman FOR women. Yes, this pretty mama has the whole package. About five of my friends sent her info to me when I put out a call for good artist deals. Check her. Join the Suzi Academy for ten bucks. Workshops offered from $15 to $55.


Suzi Blu

Click HERE

Your Rubyfruit - tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is. it.

Check my archives. It's all here for us artists. The best deals out there on supplies, learning tools, classes, stuff. art stuff - because I'm like a f*ckin' hound dog. I get out there and sniff the balls of the art industry because I am sick and tired of getting RIPPED OFF as an artist. Go back to my first post and work your way forward.

tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is.

Funds for Women Artists

Feminist artists unite! There is monetary hope! (and help)

Click HERE

Your Rubyfruit,
tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is.

Oh, now don't pee your pants! Rubyfruit finds another discount art supply place.

This one offers discounts on art supplies to art students.

Click HERE

Your Rubyfruit,
tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is.

Any fiber artists out there?

Hey yo. This organization gives a 10% discount on all supplies to fiber artists. It looks like a great networking tool.

Click HERE

Your Rubyfruit,
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Hey, if you're new to this blog, I'm Rubyfruit. I spend my days checking out the latest in good deals for artists and I publish my finds right here. Look through my archives. I've found everything from software to design your own tattoos to killer deals on birch wood panels to downloadable art mags that take the place of those ridiculous $15 ones you buy at the book stores. I've found CD's that have complete art courses for around $100, and we're talkin' the real deal here, folks. I've found nude model CD's...not porn, but actual, tasteful nude poses that you can manipulate to get different views for only $9. Check through the stuff I've found because it's all good.........or it wouldn't be here.

Cheap Art Supplies

A lot of people don't know this, but did you know you can get cheap art supplies at and sometimes on Before you pay retail, check out those two sites. I bought a rad easel on Overstock. It was originally $500, one of the big ones. I paid $32 for it! Top quality and beautiful.

Birch plywood panels

Are you paying through the nose for birch plywood panels for your wood burning and mixed media needs? I discovered that you can buy a big sheet of birch wood paneling at Home Depot or Lowes for under $10! That is enough to make many, many panels. Don't have them cut it up for you, though, because they charge around fifty cents a cut. Either invest in a saw or get a friend to do it for you . BIG savings, you guys!

Heads up to MIXED MEDIA freaks! re: Pearlx type powders

I found a place that sells the goods for mixed media works, only in bulk, so it lasts longer and is a heck of a lot cheaper! They are in San Fran, but they ship out. They have awesome metallic powders (like Pearlx type powders) in great big bottled and all kinds of bees wax and mould making supplies and tints and dyes and adhesives. It is all in big containers and it all lasts longer. This is the kind of stuff you buy at overpriced stores but pay much, much less.

Douglas and Sturgess

Check it!
Click HERE!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey! THRIVE as an artist. Do you hear me? THRIVE!!!

Want some advice from an art school drop out? You've come to the right place. I'm Rubyfruit. I am a feminist woman who is not going to get ripped off again!!! I tap all the resources I can to help you find cool art tools to help you be successful as artists. I try to find the bargains and I give you the scoop on all of it. If I find out someone is out there ripping off artists, I am going to TELL you about it, baby. I have whole files of this info, but I'm just getting started with this, so give me time and keep coming back. I have uploaded a handful of them. Check the archive over to the right and click on a topic of interest to you. There are things like how to sell your art on the internet resources and a whole course about how to put your talent to work to support yourself as an artist. I've got cheap sources so you can buy your art supplies in bulk and not have to spend through the ta-ta. I have it all, baby, and I'm getting more. These are some things that you buy, and some things that are fee, but they're all good or I wouldn't put them up here. Today's feature is an affordable course on how to market your art, and I'm posting this here because other artists that I know can only tell me a little bit here and a little bit there. This is how to get out there and get a NAME online, to SHINE!!

The is a WHOLE marketing course for artists. A to Zed. Everything you need to know. I'm going to buy it. If you want to, click HERE.

Your Rubyfruit,
tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is.

Get in the Art Fair Loop

You KNOW you can make money at those arts and crafts fairs. You just don't know how to do it. Every time I go to one of those things I'll stand there and watch all the people buying art and I always think to myself, "Dude! You've got to get in on this!" but I don't know how!

These guys do.

For $25, they'll teach you everything you need to know.

Purchase HERE.

More on Tattoo Art

Ok. I'm into tattoo art. So shoot me already!

I found this software that, I think (at least they CLAIM) is the only design-your-own-tattoo software out there. I must confess. This isn't anything I've tried myself, but I plan to. I want a tattoo that is mine-all-mine. My art. My idea.

Get it?

Cllick HERE

Virtual Pose

Ok. This one is totally rad. I flipped out when I found this. Have you ever spent money on going to one of those nude drawing workshops. RIPPPPPPP OOFFFFFFFFFF! These guys have these discs that you can buy for around $10 each, maybe a little less. Each disc has a different pose (tastefully nude) that lets you ROTATE the subject so you can draw all sides. Can you imagine how much money this will save over paying $500 for a terms of life drawing???

Click HERE for the info.

Learning Cartoon Art

Here's another one that the art snobs are going to HATE. For right around $35, these guys give a complete course on cool cartoon art that you can take from home. This is a good course. Take you all the way up to professional level cartooning.

Cllick HERE to see it.

Beautiful Tattoo Art on the cheap!

This is the one and only downloadable set of BEAUTIFUL tattoo art I have ever found online. I got this one, took it to my tat artist and am now the proud owner of a gorgeous Celtic knot on the inside of my left thigh. No more high dollar at the tat parlor. This art is gorgeous and they're pitchin' their product for right around $20. Worth it! Worth it! Worth it!

Click HERE for the scoop.

Jerry's Artarama

I give these dudes an A+ for offering sweet deals on art supplies. I've only used them twice, but both times, the shipping was fast and the service = EXCELLENT. They're offering up to 70% off of art supplies.

Click HERE

Dick Blick Clearance Sale

Do you know about the Dick Blick online clearance sale? I love these guys. You can buy practically anything from them that you need for making your art. Check out their clearance sale every day because they keep adding to it. I've found some fantastic bargains there.

Click for DICK

Don't Want to go to SNOB School?

The elitist snob schools that sell art lessons for a lot of hell with them! I say there's a better way to do it .....'cause there is! I found this program on how to draw and paint like a pro. It is good from beginner level all the way up the ladder. There are so many cool tips and tricks. You won't believe it. These guys only charge $37 for their wares. Check it, baby.

Click HERE

Your Rubyfruit,
tellin it like it is, baby. tellin it like it is.


I'm here to save you some money. I'm tired of getting ripped off. As an artist, it's hard enough to make a living without half the crap that goes on in the art industry! These days you have to save up for a month just to buy a stupid art magazine! Why are they so expensive??? Rubyfruit has the answer to this problem right here. I've found these online mags that cost a whole, whole lot less. You can download them, print them out, refer back to them, burn them onto a disc. You get the picture. They tell you how to make Mixed Media, Papercrafts, Textiles, Polymer Clay, Jewelry Making And More . Use these babies as A transformative tool in the arts and for creative expression, baby! They're all available By Individual Issue And By Annual Subscription.

Take a gander at these zines. They're all that. I promise.

Click HERE

Living the Art Life

So you've learned how to market your art online, and that's cool (see previous post) . What if you want to take things a whole new level? What if you want to quit your 9-5 job and make a living creating and selling your art? Support yourself? Call the shots!

These guys can teach you how to THRIVE in the art business regardless of whether you are a seasoned artist or if you're just starting out.

Should you go back to school to learn all the ins and outs? You know...the book keeping, marketing, how to get your work into galleries? No way, Jose! How BORING!!!

You can buy an ENTIRE COURSE from these people and they will teach you absolutely everything you will ever want to know about making a living selling art. This one costs just under a hundred bucks, but whoa. You get SO MUCH! This is a 13 1/2 Hour Multimedia Downloadable Course.

Please click HERE for further information.