Wednesday, May 6, 2009

20 Ways to Boost Your Art Career

This is a recommendation by my friend, Samantha, who used this stuff to build up her art career from scratch. Sometimes, there is no better advice than that you can get from someone who has traveled those rocky roads to becoming an artist. So I ran across these highly detailed reports written by an internationally known artist by the name of Carolyn Quan. She has written these reports that are very inexpensive, most under $5 bucks. They consist of lessons and tutorials for aspiring fine artists. Quan is uber successful. Her work is collected all over the world and she has like twenty years experience or something, so she knows what she is talking about. She has set up successful art businesses in Toronto, New York City, Maui And Honolulu, Hawaii and now shares her knowledge for very little money, to anyone who wants to learn how to do it.

Click HERE to find out the details.

Yeah, and once you look at her stuff, go back to the post before this one and find out what Ms. Suzi Blu can do for you. She takes a fresh approach to art and makes it accessible to all. Then, when you finish there, go back through the archives because I'm always finding good stuff to help artists. I have listed a lot of it with more to come!


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